This is an international competition being held by EKA during the summer. It will involve three separate lifts of jerk, snatch, and long cycle. You do not have to enter each lift. Each lift will be open for entry for fourteen days and only a single entry can be submitted. Double or single bells can be used for jerk and long cycle, and if using a single bell only one hand change is permitted. Each set should be ten minutes long. The categories are as follows:

Weight Categories
Males <85kg, >85kg
Females <70kg, >70kg

Adult age 16-44
Males, kettlebell weight 16, 24, 32 (doubles only)
Females, kettlebell weights 12, 16, 20 (doubles) 16 only (single)

Veterans age 45+
Males kettlebell weights 16, 20, 24
Females kettlebell weights 8, 12, 16 (doubles) 12 only (single)
Vets can elect to compete in the Adult but not both categories

Vets can elect to compete in the Adult but not both categories

Junior (mini) age <12
Male and female combined, kettlebell weights 2’s, 4’s, 6’s – doubles only

Junior (midi) age 12-16
Male and female categories kettlebell choices 6’s, 8’s 12’ – doubles only

When entry is open you can sign up from this page.

Entry costs £10 for EKA members, £15 otherwise and £5 for junior athletes. As part of your entry, you must enter the lifts and bell weights being used for each lift, and then use those during the lifts later in the competition period.

Entries will be managed via email (please send a link to the uploaded video, not the whole video file!) and the Facebook group.

It is your responsibility to upload your video; it can be unlisted on youtube if you’d rather others didn’t see it or you can upload it to the Facebook group if you wish. Videos for submissions must be filmed from the front with you facing the camera. The whole of your body, and the bell, must be visible at full extension (i.e. when the bell is overhead). Again, EKA cannot be held responsible if you submit videos without this and receive a zero score for that lift.

Medals will be awarded after the competition is over. Specific bell weights will be available within these categories. For details see the entry form.

Any questions, please contact us. 


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