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The best way to learn about kettlebell sport is to join one of our clubs or work with one of our coaches. Many coaches have online clients if you do not live close to a club. However, the links below should help you to understand the basics.

Girevoy Sport

Grassroots Kettlebell League

Kettlebell Pentathlon

Kettlebell Marathon


Starting A Club

There are two common ways of setting up a new sports club. Firstly, the most popular format is a club within and part of an established fitness business. The business may charge a membership fee and you use their facilities.

The second type of club is a not for profit club for the team members. Hull Kettlebell Club runs in this way. This is a good way to develop a club without forcing other kettlebell clients down a sports lifting route. Subscriptions could be used to fund travel and accommodation as this can be expensive.

Here are some things to consider if you are planning on stating a club…

  1. You need interested people ready to show some commitment to getting involved in the sport. These can be friends, family, gym buddies or even clients if you already have a fitness business.
  2. You need to be fairly proficient in all the sport lifts yourself. If you feel you need some help and assistance in brushing up your skills first get in touch with us at EKA and we’ll find a way to help you. Courses are in the pipeline.
  3. A big issue nowadays is making sure you’re properly insured. If you’re hiring premises even for an hour they will likely want to see you have public liability cover. You may also want to look at professional indemnity cover as well if you’re writing programs and giving advice.
  4. You will need somewhere suitable to train. Not all gyms are chalk friendly and there is a lot of chalk!
  5. You will need kettlebells. To get started maybe consider getting some lower weight kettlebells 8’s, 12’s, 16’s. Then encourage your lifters to buy their own. If you want to save a decent amount on high quality Kettlebells join us and encourage your team members to join as well. Just £20 a year gets everyone a discount on kettlebells from wolverson.



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