About The Grassroots Kettlebell League


For those interested in GS, this is the perfect starting place. The Grassroots league was set up specifically to encourage people into kettlebell sport.  All of the lifts are as traditional GS but with a couple of differences which are designed to make the events more accessible.

✔   All lifts are performed for 5 minutes instead of 10
✔   Judging is less strict and aimed more towards guidance
✔   You are competing against other beginners as well as more experienced individuals but medals are only awarded to the beginners
✔   The events are smaller and tend to be in a more relaxed setting
✔   There is a great opportunity to work with the more seasoned athletes either to gain inspiration or knowledge

You can work any combination of the 3 lifts. These being long cycle, jerk and snatch  Guys and girls may choose to use a single bell for long cycle and jerk.

There is a points value awarded to each kettlebell weight, your score is calculated by multiplying the number of repetitions performed by the points value of the kettlebell lifted. The points value increases as the kettlebell weight increases, but the increase isn’t linear, it’s designed this way to encourage more experienced participants to use heavier kettlebells.

In the UK, there are generally 20 plus grassroots events each year. There are also a couple in the United States so expect to see many more from this organisation in the coming years.


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