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You can register for our EKA qualifying events using this form. You will need to provide details of the event(s) you wish to qualify in, details of the available international events can be found here

There will be a cost of £15 per athlete for the first event and £5 for each additional event thereafter (qualification for junior athletes is free of charge).

You must be a member of the EKA to sign up for our qualifying event and secure a spot on the England Team. If you haven’t signed up yet, follow the instructions on our join page.



An athlete must fulfil one of the following criteria to be eligible for a place in Team England

  1. Be born in England
  2. Be born of English Parents (at least one) or English Grandparents (at least one)
  3. Having Dual Nationality (holding a British Passport) and having lived in England for at least 3 years
  4. Have lived in England for at least 3 years and not having represented any other country in any sport

To secure your place on the team you must provided proof of eligibility, details of how to do this and the documents accepted can be found here.


Qualification Criteria

  • Athletes wishing to qualify for the English team must meet one of the eligibility criteria defined above and be a current member of the EKA.
  • The English team will comprise of both amateur and professionally ranked athletes, where relevant, and of various age groups. 
  • The EKA ranking tables will be used for determining the professional and amateur qualifying standard . Veteran qualification standards are located in a separate document and can be accessed here.
  • Ranks from other kettlebell organisations cannot be used to qualify for the English team
  • The number of athletes comprising each category and age group may be limited, depending on the competition.
  • Where there is oversubscription for a place in a given category or age group, then the athlete that qualified first (at the earliest qualifying competition) will secure the place. 
  • Where a given category is fully subscribed EKA may nominate athletes that have achieved the qualifying standards to “reserve” positions.
  • Applications for a place on the team can be made through the 2019 qualifying event registration form stating the relevant event, category, age group and bodyweight.
  • Athletes need to qualify at an EKA qualifying event, details of which can be found on our events page

Qualifying Standards

  • Adult Professional: Athletes who wish to qualify as an adult professional for the English team adult age group must attain the rank of EKA Professional Rank 1 at an EKA qualifying event, held in the relevant calendar year.
  • Adult Amateur: Athletes who wish to qualify as an adult amateur for the English team adult age group must attain EKA Amateur Rank 3 at an EKA qualifying event, held in the relevant calendar year.
  • Juniors: please confirm by contacting us.
  • Veterans: Athletes who wish to qualify as a veteran must attain the standards applicable to their age category, please refer to veteran qualifying tables here.
  • The athletic performance used to qualify for the team must be at the bodyweight category that the athlete intends to compete in as part of the national team.


Question: I qualified for a place on the English team during last year, do I automatically qualify during this year?

Answer: No. You must submit a qualifying performance during the relevant calendar year to compete as part of the English team during the calendar year in question


Question: I currently weigh 85kg and have submitted a qualifying performance, but I plan on losing weight this year. Can I compete in 78kg bodyweight category?

Answer: No. Your qualifying performance must be at the same bodyweight category as you intend to compete in.


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