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The next opportunity to qualify for the England Team will be at the 2020 EKA Ranking Event, you can register here. Check out the Facebook event pages for details of the disciplines, dates and venues. Remember, you must be a member of the EKA to sign up for our qualifying event and secure a spot on the England Team. If you haven’t signed up yet, follow the instructions on our join page.



An athlete must fulfil one of the following criteria to be eligible for a place in Team England

  1. Be born in England
  2. Be born of English Parents (at least one) or English Grandparents (at least one)
  3. Having Dual Nationality (holding a British Passport) and having lived in England for at least 3 years
  4. Have lived in England for at least 3 years and not having represented any other country in any sport

To secure your place on the team you must provided proof of eligibility, details of how to do this and the documents accepted can be found here.


Qualification Criteria

  • Lifter must be a fully paid up member of English Kettlebell Association at the date of the qualification event they are attending.
  • Lifter must be eligible as per our criteria detailed above.
  • Lifter must attend an EKA rules and judging briefing prior to qualification – these will held on qualification event days before lifting commences.
  • Lifter must lift in the age/weight/discipline that they wish to qualify in.
  • Where there are limited spots, these are awarded to the lifters with the highest reps after the completion of the all the events. Anyone who makes qualifying standard will be put on a reserve list.
  • Where an athlete qualifies for a limited spot, they will be expected to confirm competition attendance to allow any reserve lifters the opportunity to lift at competitions if they themselves will not be attending.
  • Results from an application for an adult spot may be carried to a veteran spot as long as the equivalent tonnage is achieved on the higher kettlebell weight. Lifter must still pay entry fee for the additional event.
  • A lifters weight at the time of the qualification event is the one which will be used for weight category purposes. The EKA committee will confirm which categories your weight puts you in at the time of weigh in.
  • Junior lifters will weigh in as per above on the day. As junior lifters are still growing, they will be asked to re weigh themselves just prior to competition entries being submitted and if required will be moved into a different weight category.
  • Should a lifter be unable to attend both qualifying events then they must contact EKA as soon as possible to discuss qualifying options. These will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please be aware that if approved an athlete will be expected to do a qualifying set in front of an approved EKA judge – this may require travel by the athlete.
  • In the case of Female Two Arm professional events – a lifter can use their result from 24kgs lift so long as the tonnage is equal or greater than that required for the 20kgs. If we have a situation where we are limited on spots for 20kg events, priority of places will go to those who have lifted 20kgs rather than looking at tonnage.
  • If an athlete fails to qualify, they may at EKAs discretion be given a temporary team spot at their desired international events if there are no other English lifters in their chosen category. Please note that in order to potentially be eligible for this a lifter must have lifted their qualifying event at least once at a 2019 GSU event or 2019 international event.
  • If you are aiming to do 2 marathon events and pentathlon please contact us.
  • Please note that the international organisations have differing veteran age and weight categories, it is a lifters responsibility to ensure that they are qualifying on the correct kettlebell weight for their category. If due to your age your categories differ – eg 12kg for WKSF and 8kg for IUKL – you only need to lift the 12kg (heavier weight), but must ensure you hit the equivalent tonnage per the 8kg ranking as well (so you only need to lift once). Please contact us if you have any queries.
  • If you are a disabled lifter wishing to qualify please contact us directly, there are spots available.
  • Junior lifters are allowed to compete in adult categories, we ask that the parent or guardian contacts us directly prior to qualification as we will need certain documents from you.
  • Applications for a place on the team can be made through the 2020 qualifying event registration form.


Qualifying Standards

GS event specifics
  • Amateur lifters must achieve Rank 2 or higher in their chosen event/s as per the EKA Ranking tables. There are currently no limits on amateur team spots. (Please note that for 2020 qualification any lift done on 20kg bell is deemed to fall under the amateur category, therefore lifters must achieve Rank 2 or higher to qualify (even if an event has it described as elite/professional). Spots on the team may be limited for International events.)
  • Professional lifters must achieve Rank 1 or higher in their chosen event/s as per the ranking tables. Professional spots are limited – IUKL, 1 lifter per weight category. WKSF, 2 lifters per weight category.
  • Juniors must complete 5 minutes minimum of their chosen event/s. There are currently no limits on junior spots.
  • Veteran lifters must achieve Rank 3 or higher in their chosen event/s as per the EKA ranking tables. Some international organisations are happy for veteran athletes to complete in a younger age category – if this is of interest to you please contact us. There are currently no limits on veteran team spots
  • If a lift is newly added and there is no ranking table in place, then a lifter must complete a minimum of 5 minutes of the chosen event/s. If the addition of the event falls outside of the qualification window, then the event can be performed at a GSU event with judging from an EKA official.
  • Due to EKA blood policy, a lifter may be stopped during a set. If this happens an athlete will be given another opportunity to qualify.
  • IKMF require a lifter to have CMS (this currently is in any discipline and includes GS, please note however that this could change) if they wish to compete as an elite athlete.
  • If you have CMS then the requirement is to complete the time, in your chosen events on the bell weight you will lift internationally.
  • If you do not have CMS you are required by IKMF to achieve this at an approved event. You must complete the time at a qualifying event in your chosen event on the bell weight you wish to lift internationally. Should you not make the required CMS numbers, you can make a further attempt at an agreed event by contacting EKA post qualification.
  • Amateur/Veteran and Junior athletes are only required to complete the time at a qualifying event in their chosen event/s and bell weight.
  • Athletes must note that there are a maximum of two spots per discipline per weight category and age category. In the case of there being more athletes than spots, highest reps will be taken into account.
  • Due to EKA blood policy, a lifter may be stopped during a set. If this happens an athlete will be given another opportunity to qualify.
  • We ask any athlete who is wanting to attempt pentathlon qualification contact us.

IKMF require that an athlete has CMS as per their specific Pentathlon ranking table. If you have achieved this standard at an earlier pentathlon event then you do not have to hit CMS again at qualification. However, we currently have no details as to how many team spots there are available for this event and as such there is a chance that spots maybe limited. If this occurs we will ensure a fair way of selecting athletes, but advise that highest scorers are likely to be given priority.  We will keep athletes up to date with any details we have.



Question: I qualified for a place on the English team during last year, do I automatically qualify during this year?

Answer: No. You must submit a qualifying performance during the relevant calendar year to compete as part of the English team during the calendar year in question


Question: I currently weigh 85kg and have submitted a qualifying performance, but I plan on losing weight this year. Can I compete in 78kg bodyweight category?

Answer: No. Your qualifying performance must be at the same bodyweight category as you intend to compete in.


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