What is Kettlebell Pentathlon?

The Pentathlon is one of the more accessible forms of kettlebell sport and a good starting point into the world of competitive kettlebell lifting.
The Pentathlon consists of 5 different lifts each performed for 6 minutes duration. There is a 5 minute break between each lift. All lifts are single bell only and multiple hand changes are allowed. There is a maximum repetition count for each lift.

The lifts and maximum reps are:
1) Cleans x 120
2) Long Cycle Press x 60
3) Jerk x 120
4) Half Snatch x 108
5) Push press x 120


Kettlebell Weights Used

You are allowed the use of up to 5 different weights for the individual lifts with 8 kg as a minimum and the weight options increase in 2kg increments. The maximum is fairly open ended and may be dependent on what’s available but kettlebells heavier than 40 kg are rarely lifted.
There is a points level attached to each kettlebell with heavier bells worth more points.
It is scored via a combination of bell value multiplied by reps lifted, the scores for each of the 5 lifts are combined to give an overall score for the event. This makes the Pentathlon a very strategic event as you need to factor in achieving the highest reps possible with your chosen weight whilst also considering fatigue as you go from lift to lift.


Body weight categories

Men: Up to 79kg, 79kg – 85kg,  85kg plus
Women: Up to 60kg, 60kg – 67kg, 67kg plus


Upcoming Competitions

There are currently 2 EKA Pentathlons held annually. Please keep an eye on the website for more details.


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