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Some of you will have had the pleasure of earning some rather smart ranking badges at the qualifying/ranking events in Jan/Feb this year. Your next opportunity to get your hands on the badges will be at the GSU English Championships on the 22nd June 2019! HOWEVER!!! It’s become increasingly apparent to us at the EKA that the current ranking tables are a bit out-of-date, as such we’re created a new set of tables based on a consistent methodology (check out the ranking page for the new tables). There are 5 levels for each of the kettlebell weights allowing more options/challenges for novice lifters as well as the more experienced.

The numbers are based on results from 5 international competitions the top ranks are set using the standards of the top 25% of lifters in the world. The lower ranks are factored down to provide an achievable entry level rank when moving up to a higher kettlebell weight. (You will notice that the men’s pro, semi -pro and amateur reps are the same, this is because the numbers were so close it was more sensible to keep them consistent).

If you are looking to qualify for the England team at the GSU English Championships, then the qualifying standards remain as they were at the start of the year. Qualification standards for 2020 will be aligned to the new tables, we will announce the specific ranks required after the English Championships – this will allow athletes enough time to prepare to meet the new requirement (should the numbers have increased).

There will be no separate ranking tables for Veterans. We are considering options for junior ranks/standards so please bear with us.

As always, we appreciate your continued support and commitment! Now start planning those badge goals!!

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By tracey / Editor, bbp_participant on Apr 12, 2019

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